I am a multidisciplinary artist who loves utilizing various mediums, such as textiles, photography, and videography, in order to expand my knowledge on different ways of making. I enjoy juxtaposing "gross" human habits with the hyper-feminine and exploring coming of age themes. These works mainly manifests in colorful, hyper-feminine pieces to show there is still value in something, even if it is pink and covered in glitter.



Nicole Staller

Nicole attended Tyler School of Art in Architecture at Temple University where she graduated with a BFA in fiber art and material studies and minor in art history, in 2021.

She's been a part of Surface Design Association’s annual juried student exhibition, Future Tense 2021, 2131Space’s Inaugural Show, To Picture Oneself 2021, Greenpoint Gallery Virtual March Show 2021, Tyler School of Art’s Wearable Art Show 2021, Tyler School of Art’s Wearable Art Show 2018, Tyler School of Art’s Foundation show 2018, and featured in Feminist writes zine issue no. 1.

She’s an artist whose work is based around coming of age with an interest in material exploration. She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA working towards being a part of many endeavors, such as installation based artwork, contributing to magazines, and possibly participating in craft shows in the future.